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There's a fine line between genius and clinically insane.
And I think...it was back there somewhere...
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Stephen purple

It's been nine weeks since you people have had the pleasure of ignoring my last entry, so I figured I'd update—give you more material to skim when there's not any hott-pr0n (as all the cool kids say now) to read.

List of random things I've discovered:

+Scissor Sisters—I WUV YOUUUUU. I've only heard a few songs but I've been flailing to them all, in what would be called the 'white girl mating dance...festival...ritual...what the hell, where are her arms going, oh shit that can't be safe!'

+A program that slapped my ho of a computer into submission, allowing me to watch the videos I've downloaded.

+Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream: Oh, Stephen, you will be getting a lot of my mother's hard-earned cash for your puny little bucket of pure sex...and caramel...ooooh, the caramel...

+The love that is a printer/scanner/copier. Oooh, how I love you too, Photoshop.

Things I've rediscovered/never forgotten:

+My dad's an ass.

+OMG, looking at old family photos, teh fook, what was I thinking getting that hair-cut?

+Little Miss Sunshine and

+Expecting. I strayed when I left for a while. The last chapter I had read before today had been 6, I am now caught up. Yeys.

+My muse, I've been writing like crazy these last few days.

+SUM 41, I love your new CD. *strokes it lovingly*

Ramble: *dances* I'm pondering actually putting up the first chapter of my story, Of Cigarettes and Scum, maybe I will, maybe I won't—you never know with me. I don't even know, with me, so good luck yourselves. I go back to school in two weeks, and oh, what a blast it shall be. Hormones and gaggles and cliques and HIGH SCHOOL. Yes, I know I'm just so well behaved and just overall completely awesome for my age that it comes as a surprise, but this year I will be a "fish", freshman, thing-to-throw-shit-at. Whatever, I can handle that, though I'm expecting my first day to be the equivalent of Jon's in FTANH (random reference, FTW). Being as I'm apparently the only bi, the only person-in-general who is under 5 ft. tall, and the only person who owns a shirt that has "w00t" proudly printed on the front in my school, I am often subjected to trash-cans, locker fronts, random pick-up-and-twirl-the-weird-girl-over-your-head-let's-make-a-game-out-of-it-too-what-the-hell-why-not, for no reason. Ooooh, what a fun fun fun fun day (YEAR. FUCK IT, LET'S MAKE IT WORSE AND CUT TO THE CHASE: FOUR YEARS. FOUR YEARS OF HELL) it will be.

Also? I HAVE CHOCOLATE! HAH! And I have "Filthy/Gorgeous" on repeat! Oooh, how I love the flamboyant little prancing gay men, yes I do. Aaand if anyone was partially interested I'm in the process of writing 5 fics. At once. Oooh, how my brain hurts with ideas xD

Stephen purple
Oh, my bed; oh, my water (you can taste the difference, I swear!); oh, my gnome; oh, my squirrel army; oh, my... whatever the hell that thing is...

29th-May-2007 01:37 pm - Damn you House comms.
Stephen purple
The House fandom comms. have been going on a frenzy with ZOMBIE stories. I haven't read them (sorry >_>), but I can't avoid them...

14th-Apr-2007 07:33 pm - The End of the World.
Stephen purple

One minute, you can be innocently  picking through the "Palahniuk" shelf of your local bookstore, and the next you can be pondering over if you're a Messiah, or some shit.

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8th-Apr-2007 11:18 pm - GAH.
Stephen purple
OK, OK, I've been reading Fight Club and I've never seen the movie.

What. The. Fuck, Palahnuik? I WANT THE DRUGS YOU HAVE.

Seriously. Or the critics, I mean, from what I've heard and what I've read—it's nothing like what I'd expected. I want all of their stashes, kthnxbaaaai...(too much coffee)

On a side-note, I've been writing again. Though I've swayed from the Green Day fandom. I'm reading a lot of The Daily Show/The Colbert Report, House, Scrubs, I'm trying to find Beerfest slash, ect., ect..

I have two fics in progress that I'm focussing on; an OC and a House. I'll post them up when they're stable.

I'm also doing some graphics and such, I'll post them...when I feel the need to be productive. I guess I should get to work on that...nah.

Oh, and congrats to Mothu and Ruli, the happy couple. Cheers to you both—here's to long nights involving booze and drunken fumbles. :D
21st-Mar-2007 06:26 pm - Tom gave me AIDS.
Stephen purple
I swear it, Tom gave me AIDS! (even though I'm not completely sure what happens when you get it o.o)

16th-Mar-2007 11:05 am - Hey!
Stephen purple
Well, I just figured out how to change the layouts on LJ, and I'm quite proud!

I've also made a fanfic journal, kniftee_fic, so it will be easier to keep up with all my fics. I haven't gotten all of them over there, I'm still working on it, but new posts of mine will be redirected there. By the way, if anyone actually knows how to do it I'd be happy to listen, I'm thinking I'll just wing it when the time comes but if anyone would like to divulge that information I'm all ears.

Oh, and thanks to mackem for making my new favorite pairing Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert.
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